Saturday, September 20, 2014

Superheroes Mentality

I think most of us have this type of mentality, where you are happy to be someone that could help others. Okaay... probably not all of us, some people might like to see other suffers, especially the kind of people who couldn't find their own happiness, so they find it through others misfortune. In other words, people who has superheroes mentality, that happy to help others, probably content with their life and their happiness comes from sharing and helping. Totally my own theory of happiness, after reading a half of "The Geography of Bliss" by Eric Weiner that based his book on scientific study.

My intention writing this topic was far from scientific study. It was because of the visit of my significant one to my fieldwork location. As I mention in previous post, I am super busy with my thesis fieldwork. But, based on my work-plan, I scheduled everything on the weekdays and kept my weekend free to keep me sane. My bf, that live in the other city, since the beginning had an intention to fly over on the weekend to help me with my works. When I told him that I am free on the weekend, you could guess.. he was a bit disappointed..! But on the week he planed to arrive, I had the unforeseen delay that made me have to work on the weekend if I still want to finish on schedule. So you could guess again... my bf was quite happy with that fact, but not me..! So that weekend, we spend a day in the lab, working. It was not a hard work, just really a bored one. We could talk while working, and as he said, we spent a quality time talking about everything and nothing.

When I told my friend that my bf came over and we had a date in the lab, the reaction was like.. "poor you.. or poor him..". The fact that he's happy with that situation was not on other's mind. So that makes me thought about the superheroes mentality. Since the beginning he want this condition. I am in a trouble and he fly over to help me. Solved my problem. Everyone is happy.

Yeah.. I know.. It's a total crap theory that I just made up. :D    


Anonymous said...

oh God...

hahahhaa...ternyata begini toh penerimaan nya. Damn!!! i should have known that from the start.

VAP said...

Did I write something wrong? I just said that he is the one who loves to help others and content with his life.

I was not happy with the fact that I have to work on the weekend, not the fact that he came over to help me. Guess the way I wrote it down made some wrong interpretation. :)