Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wedding Preparation

Yup.. I successfully finished my second master and went back to my home country. I got an offer to continue a PhD program from my supervisor but I have to reject the offer because of my personal life. It kind of bothering me.. any Indonesian will support my decision especially my family. It doesn't matter if you finished 2 master programmes and got a Phd offer, if you are still single, you lack of achievement. I don't mind rejecting the offer, I personally doubting my ability to do the Phd in that topic for the next 4 years. But.. how can I say it... It's just typical me... I don't like in the same opinion with society.. LoL.

Even though it is my own decision to reject the offer, I don't really like the fact that the society (I mean people surrounding me) agree with that... Because they see having family is more important. I didn't say that getting married is not an important step for me, I just think that's not the only reason I rejected the offer. Eventhough in fact that the easiest answer and I did give that as a reason to my supervisor. Anyway... I am just saying.. I don't know what I am saying actually.

And you know what... Preparing a wedding is a hell of a job. It is easy at the beginning and getting worse to the end. The family, the limitations, the requests, the time.. everything went wrong. At some point I was too lazy to dealt with all those problem and prefer to be single. Isn't that funny..? Why getting married is such an important thing in this society...? Along with all "adat" and family thingy.

Anyway... I have 2 master degrees and no job.. and no one cares... as long as I am getting married. What a crazy world..!

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