Friday, April 01, 2016

Post Partum Stories

# Gemukan?
Guest 1 : "Lho.. Pangling saya, gemukan ya skarang mbak?
Me : " iya pak, habis melahirkan"

Guest 2 : ".. lemu ya skarang nok?"
Me : " iya yang, habis melahirkan"

Guest 3 : " gemuk ya skarang?"
Me : " iya bulik, habis melahirkan"


What is wrong with you people? What do you expect? I am back to my normal size two weeks after delivering a baby? 


Kakung : "wah.. Tau aja kalo mama nya datang.."

Uti : "bangun dedek nya nie mi..."

Bapak e : " pinter ya anak ibu "

Me : still undecided what to be called. But getting annoyed with others. Actually lately I am easily annoyed with almost every little thing. 

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