Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Pain

I thought I would never have to deal with this feeling again. But then apparently I was wrong. And this time it hurts and kills me.. (naah, I am still healty and alive from outside, it kills me from the inside). What kind of life you think if you have to question everything. Looking back and second guesses yourself. Looking forward and lose your trust. 

And again.. Lots of questions keep spinning in my head. Occupied a whole space that it lose track of the current moment. Fighting with yourself on choosing which questions that you are gonna say outloud and which that you need to keep for yourself. And those questions, the one that have never been spoken will stay and corrupt your heart and brain.

You still lose. Speak of it and you probably will ruin the moment, keep it yourself and it slowly kills you. You will then choose to ignore it, but it only works if you shut your eyes and being numb. Then you lose the joy of your day. And you can't see the way out. You just can't..

My wish that you could deal with it wisely. And time will heal the pain. Time will do...

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