Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Dream, new target

I have to write it down.
I remember long time ago I always said that I want to go a broad. And because I know I couldn't afford it by myself (with my low paid job) I set the goal to get a scholarship, of course in another country. So that was my first time to went abroad. With scholarship. To Australia.

Back from Australia, I set another dream to go to Europe. Since I still stuck in the same low paid job (that will be forever low paid unless I committed corruption, or I become the head office 20 years later or never after), I try another scholarship to Europe. I got it..! And with a bonus of getting rid my old job. For some people who do not understand the situation in Indonesia and the "prestigious" job working for the government, it seems ridiculous that I had difficulties of getting rid of my old low paid job. But many in the same situation with me would understand and some will ridicule me for my decision. I know better what's good for me. So for people in the later group, please keep your opinion for yourself.

Now I almost finish with my study in Europe and I have to set another target. I had this dream that I will get married and be a stay at home mum. None of my friends see it as a promising future and (sadly) nor my significant one, not to mention my family. Hence I have to set my new target, I definitely like to travel but as I realized and wrote in my previous post that it was not the thing I want to achieve. So I just came up with a new target... working in the UN bodies in ROME! Why Rome? I don't know.. I just want to. Just like my previous targets going abroad and Europe.. why should I..? No realistic reason.. just human neediness for something that I think looks cool.

Or.. probably with that job I could afford to travel around the world as a break from life routine, not as the goal of life itself.

So wish me luck..!!

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