Wednesday, January 07, 2015

New Year...!

Happily had my 3 weeks holiday and return to my "working desk"doing all unimportant stuff. I still have not had feedback for my draft report but my daily supervisor said she has checked it and send it to my main supervisor for further comments. When I asked how was my report she just answer it with a short "good"'. So good it is.. I am less guilty of not doing anything on the report during the last 3 weeks.

I have to scrap one of my dream in previous post about having a trip to italy with him. We didn't manage it. We went to Brussel, Ghent and Paris instead. I realised he's not a travel freak like I do. If I was him, I would be very dissappointed that I didn't manage to visit some famous places that probably were in my list. But he content with things that we did. I figured, travelling with him was stress free (a bit), and no rush. If I was in my own pace then I will always in hurry to keep up with my list of must visited places. Doing his way was more relexing (that is the main idea of holiday). I think it was a good thing that we didnot manage to go to Italy. I have been to those places that we were visited, and I manage to visit places that interest me. If we went to italy probably I will in my stress mode, continously counting times in order to keep up with my list.

I don't have new year resolutions, never had one I think.... The dreams are still the same, I didn't set time to achieve it... I think a need another short time dreams to achieve. And trying to find what my passion is.. Scrap travelling, I can't afford to always get scolding for having "unproductive" passion.

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